Shipping & Delivery




    速遞: 香港、澳門、台灣或中國大陸主要選用順豐速遞,由於地區位置及貨件重量的不同,所以會以到付方式發送速遞,有關運費會由速遞公司職員直接收取。


  1. EMS (特快專遞): 海外顧客可選用EMS來收取貨件,本店會為顧客先計算運費,顧客需與貨品一同付款。 除運費外,您還有機會需要支付各種關稅。




運費計算方法 :


長度(cm) x 寬度(cm) x 高度(cm) ÷ 6,000

例如:45厘米 x 25厘米 x 15厘米,而實際重量為 2公斤


- 當您完成選購後,我們將會通知您需要支付的運費。在我們確認完成付費後,我們將會於下一個工作(星期六、日及香港公眾假期除外)把您的訂單送出。訂單送出後,我們會把運單號碼和發送詳情電郵給您。


- 港澳及內地一般需要1-2個工作天。
- 內地偏遠地區及海外其他地區或會需較長時間,一般需7-10個工作天。


Shipping Method :


1.By courier :

We use SF Express service for delivery to Hong Kong ( Local ), Macau, Taiwan and the Mainland China. Due to different item will have different weight, therefore all courier charges will be by collect.

“S.F. Express Courier” will debit the transportation charges directly from you.


2. By EMS (Express Mail Service).:

Overseas customers are recommended to use EMS. After received your orders, we will calculate the transportation cost and inform by email. Then we will add in and combine the transport cost together with the item cost for your payment use. Except delivery fee, you may have to pay for any extra customs and duties.


Volumetric weight is calculated :

The fee is calculated based on the volumetric weight of the parcel. The volumetric weight is calculated as follows:

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) ÷ 6,000

eg.) 45cm×25cm×15cm, actual weight 2 kg

→Volumetric weight will be 45×25×35÷6,000=2.8125kg, so the fee will be calculated for the weight of 3 kg.


After placing your order, we will inform you about the exact delivery fee you need to pay. After payment received, we will deliver it on the next working day (except Saturday, Sunday and public holiday of Hong Kong SAR). You will receive an email form us regarding the tracking number and delivery details.


**Please make sure to provide receiver name, delivery address and contact phone number if choosing by courier or by EMS.


Items Transit Time :

- Hong Kong (Local), Macau, Taiwan and the Mainland China needs around 1-2 working days.

- Inland China(Not in Central Zone) and Overseas area needs around 7-10 working days.


* As a result of the shipping company or other factors and the delay, Groundwork is not responsible for any loss or damages for delay to the customer due to.